Reclaim your innate power and activate your juicy feminine energy with this intimate five-week deep dive into the divine feminine. Tap into the potency within you, discover your limitless depths and awaken to the yearnings of your soul, all while being beautifully supported by your sisters.

WHO is this for?

    • You're an ambitious, driven woman - a consultant, coach, entrepreneur, career professional lady boss, speaker, writer, blogger
    • You want to connect to your intuition but just don't know HOW to do it
    • You want concrete practical advice for HOW to tune in to your divine feminine wisdom
    • You want to stop living predominantly from your head, and learn to live an embodied life - connected to your heart
    • You want to cultivate your TRIBE of supportive sisters
    • You're wondering whether you can take the next step towards your soul purpose
    • You think you have no time or moolah to invest in yourself
    • You're on a tiny budget
    • You're tired of suffering from comparisonitis - scrolling through Instagram and Facebook, coming up short
    • You want loving guidance on how to bring more GRACE and EASE into your life and leave the GRIND behind
    • You're ready to stop procrastinating around the edge of your life and dive FULLY into it
    • You've heard of the divine feminine but have NO CLUE how to explore this realm, and you want someone to hold your hand while you explore
    • You want your goddess self revealed before your very eyes
    • You'd love to BALANCE your inner feminine and masculine, and know what it is for these energies to live in sacred union within you

    Why did I create this course?

      • Because I would have loved instant sisterhood and support when I decided to embark on balancing my inner masculine with feminine embodiment process years ago
      • The sacred feminine world has MANY revolutionary and life-changing approaches - I wanted to distill them down and make them accessible for you
      • Embodying the feminine, and balancing it with my inner masculine, has been the single most catalytic aspect of my spiritual journey
      • I want YOU to feel the bliss of being fully connected to your soul
      • I want to provide you with the nurturing you need, and a friendly hand to hold while you to step through what can be an intimidating time
      • This work is my soul purpose! I want to see more radiant, luminous, connected, and juicy women galavanting around the world sharing their brand of amazing with the world!
      • I want you to feel more ease and grace and leave the constant #hustle and grind BEHIND
      • I want to create a financially accessible group coaching option for women on a tight budget
      • I want to blend my knowledge and expertise in the field of energy work, with practical, tried, tested and true rituals of the sacred feminine, creating a unique approach to feminine living

      Living from the masculine by default...

        How long have you been running your life on auto-pilot, defaulting to your masculine traits in your every day life? Residing entirely in your mind and being go-go-go and on-on-on all the time?

        How long have you known that there MUST be more to life than manipulating all of the external conditions around you, to make you FEEL better inside?

        You've spent so long getting the 'ducks lined up' (house, job, mortgage, partner/boyfriend/husband, children) thinking this was going to bring you that elusive joy, connection and sense of belonging. But there's still a niggling emptiness within.

        How long have you known that this is not the way you want to live?


        Scrolling through Facebook and Instagram feeling left behind and empty.

        The gnawing in the pit of your stomach grows and grows.

        You wake up in an anxious sweat more often than not, adrenalin coursing through your body but you have no idea WHY.

        Negative thought loops run constantly.

        You have an inner critic who seems to be ON STEROIDS.

        You're living all up in your head and would like this goddamn pressure to ease.

        As you scroll through your social media everyone seems to be loving and enjoying their lives EXCEPT YOU.

        These feeling states used to ALL be my reality. Yep. Every single one.

        And I stepped my way out of it, using the methods and practices I'll be sharing in the Fulfilled Feminine Formula. So you can do it too - without all the hard yards trying to figure this shiz out.

        Hi beauty, I'm Carly Stephan.


        I’m a spiritual mentor and coach for women committed to living in their fully exalted, goddess state here on earth.

        I want to see all women unleash their potent life force energy and live at their highest, light-filled potential in every moment.


        I have a unique blend of skills that span the spectrum of earth-bound and cosmic; over a decade in community development project management working on women's empowerment projects, writing, speaking, professional mentoring, energy healing, divine feminine embodiment work, and intuitive channeling.

        I believe that accessing your power involves finding, listening to, and loving yourself in your entirety. Claiming all of your light, all of your darkness and alchemising both in to the most divinely inspired creation the universe has come up with yet – you in your wholeness.

        But hey, I didn't used to be in the space I'm in. For years, the metrics of success were defined for me by society and I was determined (by hook or by crook) to achieve them. I thought I had to have all my ducks lined up in a row - high-flying career, designer wardrobe, husband, children, house bought, annual holidays - y’know, the so-called SHEBANG.

        I thought success meant masculine striving to achieve until I’d accomplished everything. Two undergraduate degrees, an honours degree and a masters degree - check. Fantastic job, travelling the world and doing work I love - check. Bought a brand new apartment and managed the mortgage on my own - check. Regular holidays to exotic locales - check.

        As I went about doing this, I noticed that not only were these so-called trappings of success not making me feel all that was promised - joy, elation, ease, calm - insert synonyms for happiness here. I began to feel a yawning gap within me that just couldn't be filled by this stuff.

        I had achieved so much in my life - but didn’t FEEL any better. Any sense of of fulfilment was brief and fleeting, I was always on to ‘the next thing’ looking for the promised sense of relief or joy that was elusively around every corner.

        I wondered what I was doing ‘wrong’ that I hadn’t yet met my romantic soul partner, not knowing whether I ever would.

        I had a complete lack of connection to myself, my inner truth, suffered from crippling comparisionitis, over-analysing everything and living purely in my head.

        Amidst all of this - the GO-GO-GO and comparisonitis - I noticed there was no juiciness, passion nor yummy feminine radiance. I was waking up early, getting ready on auto-pilot, commuting to work, working all day, coming home to eat dinner and binge-watch television 'till late, then going to bed exhausted. Rinse and repeat. Living entirely in my head - and thoroughly DISCONNECTED from my soul.

        The pub on a Friday night always beckoned - full of empty promises and tall glasses of sauvignon blanc to help me stifle and ignore the longing for SOMETHING BETTER THAN THIS.

        It wasn’t until I realised my mind, body and soul was screaming for soulful, divinely feminine balance to my distorted masculine-by-default nature, that I began to take my first tentative steps towards surrendering to the beauty and power of the feminine. I wanted both to live in soulful communion and balance within me.

        I was living ‘all up in my head’ and  focused so externally, I didn’t even realise there was another way I could be in the world.

        Yes Please!

        For only AUD $333!

        A  Monthly Payment Plan Option Is Also Available




        • 1


          During our first week together, we will be exploring spirituality, soul and the foundation necessary to build a fulfilled life upon. We will also be creating physical, mental and spiritual space – a clean slate upon which your highest goddess self is going to land. This week is where we begin to learn about the importance of the inner plain – and why focusing externally for our joy and happiness is a recipe for disaster, and is something that steers us AWAY from our fulfilled state.

        • 2


          During our second week we will dive deeply into feminine rituals that tap us into and activate our sacred feminine selves. We will cover an introduction to learning the divine secrets of our menstrual cycles, and it’s relation to the lunar cycle. We will begin to directly feel our goddess selves within us, as we activate and embody our knowledge - by beginning the journey out of our heads and into our hearts – which is our soul's true home.

        • 3


          During this week we explore the integration of the light and the dark of ourselves. We will begin to align directly with our light, and also begin dancing with our darkness. Managing our shadow and seeing the gifts of our triggers will also be explored. We’re also going to learn about how to live with the energy dynamic of our inner feminine and inner masculine and why embodying both is critical to a fulfilled life here on earth.

        • 4


          During week four, we're going to learn specific practices and techniques to bring more light into our energy bodies. We’ll explore what it means to be a multi-dimensional woman in a world that’s screaming for us to be a bride wedded to a linear reality. We’ll also play with and explore some Goddess archetypes!

        • 5


          During this fifth bonus week, we’re going to land and earth our goddess selves in the world. We’ll establish our goddesses key performance indicators! This will cover off on what we need to implement in order for our goddess self to WANT to stay and play with us, every day. We'll also be exclusively hearing from three goddess soul leaders, who are spilling the beans for us on their feminine practices and techniques.

        Course Features


        Through a combination of video and audio, you'll get weekly workshops and lessons in both Evernote and PDF, for you to download and use. We'll re-patterning, ritualising and creating sacred internal space for the feminine!

        Weekly Webcasts are our live group coaching calls via Zoom. I'll be answering any and all the groups questions and also give you any guidance and practical advice you need for that week. There are five weekly webcasts.

        Your soul sisters and I are here to support you and hold your hand through this sacred feminine journey. This is where our group coaching, sharing and oodles of encouragement will be housed!

        Yay Bonuses

        • 1


          Instant connection and activation by plugging in my headphones? Yes please! You'll be receiving FREE access to two of my highly activating and powerful guided meditations.

        • 2


          You'll get access to a seriously reduced 1:1 session rate, which goes from AUD $220 to just $110 during the time of the course - providing you with access to extra support if you need.

        • 3


          If you're one of the first three people to say YES to The Fulfilled Feminine Formula - you will receive a FREE 30-minute Activate with me (worth AUD $110).

        • 4


          We have three amazing soul leaders spilling the goods on their practices, tips and tricks for cultivating the feminine mystique in their daily lives. Get excited - they'll be appearing in week five.

        • 5


          Each participant gets one free email coaching support session for the duration of the course. You can also upgrade to more email coaching support once you're inside!

        • 6


          All course participants will receive my energetic support for the entire five weeks together. We'll be doing energy upgrades and activations within our course group, and you'll be vibing higher than you ever have before!

        Emma Shields

        'Prior to doing The Fulfilled Feminine Formula, the biggest challenge for me was being mindful that I am a creatrix. I am now able to see that I create my life moment by moment and I can choose how I want to be. I'm also still astounded that I turned into a portal for inter-dimensional energy after The Fulfilled Feminine Formula kicked off (using the Cosmic Light Connection Meditation from the Ascend Module)! So crazy, so cool. I'm now stepping up and going pro with what I want to create in the world. I have clarity and have discovered what I truly desire - I'm taking action and now have the tools to move through my fears with ease and grace. I've given myself permission to do what really moves me and GO FOR IT in my business and life. I feel alive!"

        Emma Shields, Yoga Teacher and Coach
        Janelle Crawford

        "Prior to joining The Fulfilled Feminine Formula I had SO much guilt about investing in my own personal growth and discovery. I spent a lot of my time in masculine energy, however I didn’t see this. This actually spilled over into my business/life and influenced how I went about my days. I was trying to structure and plan every moment of my life and honestly not getting very far ahead at all! During The Fulfilled Feminine Formula journey I learned about feminine energy, how that can look in our lives, how it can feel and how it can be introduced into our days - and this has changed SO much for me. From giving up control and allowing more flow into my life, to honouring what my goddess self desires moment to moment. This has deepened my soul love practices with myself and in so many ways this has softened my life. And I think in there somewhere I learnt to honour my worth and that I am worth investing in! I now have more creativity in my work, and a greater trust in my soul whispers and myself. I feel because of these teachings and practices i am a better partner and a better coach. I really feel its deepened the spiritual connection I have within myself. Honestly your course gave me the grounding i’d been looking for to explore the archetypes, goddesses and feminine energy and I can tell this is really only just the beginning."

        Janelle Crawford, Mentor, Soul Whisperer
        Sanela Avdic

        "Living in a noisy world of overly ambitious and materialistic people can make us lose ourselves. Sometimes we don't realise we're lost until it's too late. I thought I was nailing everything, career, family, etc - but I started realising I'm not who I used to be and more importantly not who I want to be. Lack of time made me not to care about myself enough and it lead to not loving whom I became. I knew who I wanted to be, but had no idea how to get there. Carly and her program The Fulfilled Feminine Formula helped me to get back on track, patiently and passionately leading me to the life of light, joy and peace. I'm extremely grateful for finding her. She is an angel. If you're feeling called even a tiny little bit to have Carly helping you living a life you always wanted, do it! It will be one of the best decisions you ever made!

        Sanela Avdic, Sydney
        Heather Ferry

        "Change was happening in my life and resistance to it was proving harder and harder. I had made great leaps in many areas, yet I felt stuck, scared and out of balance, unable to fully embrace who I was now and how I wanted and needed to show up in the world. The fear of stepping into my power, particularly in my work was strong. I knew I needed help to navigate this time and break free of limitations and was open to mentors coming my way. As soon as I came into contact with Carly, I knew I would work with her, there was such instant connection and ease.

        The Fulfilled Feminine Formula was just what I needed.  Each module allowed me to open a little more and explore elements of myself I had long denied or forgotten. I realised I had been living largely in my masculine, being strong, taking action & attempting to control everything. Truly letting go required conscious awareness and practice. Embracing my feminine, my inner Goddess and learning how to be more open to receiving, being rather than doing and how to surrender has been challenging and rewarding beyond measure.

        With Carly’s guidance I have been able to deepen my connection with myself and begin aligning with my true purpose. I am now listening to and trusting my intuition with much more clarity, and the flow that brings is beautiful. Working from this place of true connection and authenticity is transforming the way I work in my business and with my clients, creating the most positive changes. The Fulfilled Feminine Formula was one of the best gifts I have given myself and I can’t recommend it highly enough."

        Heather Ferry, Wellness and Holistic Fitness Coach
        Jo Klima

        “It’s impossible to connect with Carly and not feel as though you’re always being guided into a higher vibration. She has helped me to open my mind and heart to the cosmic magic of the universe and the knowledge and power I have within myself. I’m so grateful for her wisdom, encouragement and support. Through years of her own deep spiritual work and intuitively creating powerful practices in her own life, she has developed a divinely soulful space to help women with their own journey.”

        Jo Klima, Centre for Social Change
        Kayla Kooistra

        "Before we began our work together,  I felt a little lost, and a lot overwhelmed by life's circumstances.  I felt as though I had wonderful things to offer, however was frustrated at not being able to bring ideas down to earth with loving action.  Working with Carly, it was as if she had walked along the path before me, illuminating a string of lanterns. We healed old wounds and consciously moved through any challenges as they came up. With Carly's guidance, I connected deeply with the light and dark parts of who I am which lead me to feeling more whole and Goddess-like than ever.  As a result of our work together, I gained the courage to run headlong into a wall of resistance to bring my gifts into the world as a natural health practitioner. The best part is that after working with Carly, I no longer feel the need to look outside myself for answers - Carly has gently, but swiftly, guided me home to myself. "

        Kayla Kooistra, Undergrad Nutritionist (BHSc) / Social Media Marketing Coordinator / Writer
        Melissa Sandon

        “Carly is the modern embodiment of an exalted woman: cosmic and earthed at the same time, with a heart full of pure gold. She is one of those women who can hold you to reach higher than you ever have and to channel wisdom directly from the stars above. But the power of her work really happens when she guides you to integrate this new light on earth: into the dark spaces of your body and into the real desires of your heart. So that you can emerge as the Exalted Woman you know you are. If you’re ready to channel high vibes of pure light, align to your potential, do the deep work and awaken your inner goddess, then Carly is the woman to guide you.”

        Melissa Sandon, Soul Leader Mentor & Energy Medicine Teacher

        What if I'm on a TINY budget?

        Yes my lovely one, I truly get it.

        I've struggled to invest in myself in the past, feeling like it was 'frivolous', 'self-indulgent', 'selfish'.

        I know it's not fun to feel like you need to scrounge around and justify yourself to the hilt when you want to spend on something your heart and soul are LEAPING to dive in to and experience.

        Some people completely don't understand why you'd dare do this.

        They don't get it.

        You're beginning to believe that they may be right.

        What right do I have to pay to learn about living a beautifully connected, juicy life, when there are so many other pressing things in life I need to pay for?

        Yes. I've been there too. And let me tell you - the degree to which I committed to integrating my feminine and masculine aspects, my shadow and my light - was matched and exceeded by the joy, love and abundance that followed that commitment and flowed into my life.

        You're sick and tired of needing to hold off on cultivating a juicy, connected and feminine life because the MONEY isn't flowing for you (HINT: Abundance and feminine flow are freaking LINKED! Yes, they totally are.)

        But, I'm going to be straight up with you and let you know that:

        Cashola need not to be an excuse this time!

        I would rather you get this course for a lower price and be able to say YES to yourself (because that act is totally REVOLUTIONARY, lady), than have a six-figure launch.


        Because my 1:1 mentoring program is at a high price point, and I've had lots of women really WANT to work with me, but they're not in their abundant flow yet. So I wanted to create something highly accessible for as many women as possible.

        And this is why I've priced The Fulfilled Feminine Formula WAY below what it's worth.

        And there's also a payment plan option for you!

        Yes Please!

        For only AUD $333!

        A Monthly Payment Plan Option Is Also Available!

        • 7-Day Awaken Week
        • 7-Day Activate Week
        • 7-Day Align Week
        • 7-Day Ascend Week
        • 7-Day BONUS Assimilate Week
        • Course PDFs and Worksheets
        • Weekly Webcast Coaching Calls
        • Private Facebook Group Community
        • Bonus Guest Feature Interviews
        • Bonus Meditations
        • Discounted 1:1 sessions during the course
        • Email Support
        • BONUS 30 Minute ACTIVATE Session


        • $199
        • $199
        • $199
        • $199
        • $199
        • $450
        • $750
        • $550
        • $500
        • $100
        • $800 +
        • $99
        • $110

        Value $4,752 - Actual Price $333 (Early Bird)

        = Save $4,419!

        Are you ready to say YES and claim your soul?

        • q-iconCan I take this course anytime?

          Yes. While you’ll be encouraged to do it in real time with the group, you can also take it anytime as long as you purchase it before the close date.

        • q-iconWhen does it start?

          12 June 2017

        • q-iconHow long does it go for and how much time will it take up?

          This is a five week course, and while time commitment will vary from week to week, it’s recommended that you put aside at least 30 minutes or so per day to get through the content, practices and rituals.

        • q-iconDo I get 1:1 access to you?

          This is a group coaching course, where you will have access to me in our course-only facebook group. However there is an option for you to have a seriously DISCOUNTED 1:1 session rate with me, during the duration of the course.

        • q-iconWill you show me HOW to implement the practices, tools and techniques you use?

          YES! Absolutely. This course isn’t just about discussing concepts – it’s about real, tangible. transformational change.

        • q-iconI only have small chunks of time, can I still do this?

          Yes, this course is designed so that you can learn, digest and implement in small chunks throughout your day. Remember lots of small tweaks = BIG results.

        • q-iconI have gold-medal-worthy in procrastination skills, will you help me be accountable?

          Yes, we’ll have course accountability partners as well as a group coaching environment to encourage you through the process.

        • q-iconWill you run it again?

          Potentially! BUT it goes up in price every time.

        • q-iconWhat if I'm a bit scared?

          You’re totally normal. Taking any kind of leap in the direction of your soul, and saying YES to moving forward with our dreams is scary for our egos. Please know that if fear is hanging around, it’s just a sign you’re moving out of your comfort zone and into your GROW ZONE.

        • q-iconIs it gonna be fun?

          Yes. Very.

        You will LOVE it if...

        • You want to have a better relationship with yourself
        • You want a more juicy, holistically balanced, and feminine you
        • You're ready to move in the direction of feminine GRACE and EASE and leave the GRIND BEHIND
        • You're ready to be responsible for your healing
        • You're SUPER keen to have an embodied experience of your soul, and live from the inside out
        • You know there's more to life than having your ducks lined up and ticking boxes
        • You're a little bit confused about how to approach this all, and would LOVE some hand holding
        • You're ready to IMPLEMENT new methods, tools and tricks into your life that are going to TRANSFORM you
        • You're tired of playing small
        • You're on a tight budget
        • You want the support of your sisterhood
        • You want to be accountable for making transformational changes
        • You are a HECK YES to increasing your magnetism, potency and allure
        • You're tired of feeling overwhelmed, disembodied, and disconnected
        • You want to bring a more balanced approach to the way you do LIFE, BUSINESS, FAMILY, FRIENDS
        • You're ready to feel the stretch and dive into the mystery of your feminine side
        • You want to know how to use your masculine energy without it going into EXCESS and distortion

        You will NOT love it if...

        • You're really not feeling ready to take the leap outside your comfort zone
        • You've already done a lot of feminine integration work (you don't need this!)
        • You don't want to be challenged, or dive into the mystery of the feminine
        • You're uncomfortable with your menstrual cycle, your nude body, and don't wish to incorporate practices into your life to help you celebrate and enjoy both
        • You're not ready to own your worth as a woman
        • You don't want to take responsibility for your life
        • You're still healing from an acute trauma and require help from a psychotherapist or psychologist
        • You're still blaming others for your circumstances
        • You're more comfortable complaining than facing your fears
        Yes Please!

        For only AUD $333!

        A Monthly Payment Plan Option Is Also Available!


        Quick sticks! There's only this much time before the enchanted doors close and this goddess magic carpet ride is off and away!